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Don't let Halloween Makeup destroy your skin!

It's approaching All Hallows Eve, the best time of year for many people. Along with over indulging in candy, binge watching horror movies, and getting a Vampire Facial to get into the spooky spirit, dressing up in costumes is the biggest tradition of Halloween. Halloween makeup can be a great way to intensify your costume and really make it stand out! Heidi Klum is my personal Halloween Costume HERO!! Applying Halloween makeup is an art, and there are countless articles and videos available that can help you get your Halloween look to the next level – however, taking care of your skin during Halloween is just as if not MORE important if you’re applying this kind of makeup.

*PREP your skin for a few days leading up to the big night!

Be sure to cleanse, tone, moisturize, wear SPF and start doing hydrating masks days before Halloween or the night you decide to celebrate.

Every year people apply heavy Halloween makeup on their night out only to wake up November 1 with dried out skin, acne breakouts, allergic reactions, and other side effects that can be scarier than the actual costume. To help prevent this situation from happening to you, here are some essential tips that can help you with applying your Halloween makeup:

*Get creative with your costume

Figuring out how to implement the perfect look for your costume is a whole extra skill on its own, too. Once you’ve settled on a look, don’t forget to experiment with ways to implement your costume, and consider alternative ways you can achieve your imagined look that can limit the use of full-faced Halloween makeup.

For instance, if you plan on wearing a costume more than once this season, or will be wearing it for an entire day, perhaps masks, hats, and accessories can obtain your same look without needing to wear as much heavy paints and makeup as you initially planned for a full day.

Try a few of these tricks if you’re able:

Wearing big sunglasses instead of adding and removing makeup around the eyes, which has thinner, more delicate skin compared to the rest of your face. Try adding Halloween makeup to only a small portion of your face or around the outside edges of your face, which can amplify the effect of certain looks, You can try using a different shade of your regular routinely used makeup instead of applying brand new face paint you’ve never tried out before. Adding adhesives and scarring effects to an external masquerade mask rather than needing to apply them directly on the skin can limit the risk of having an allergic reaction to the ingredients, and is also not aggressive on the epidermis. It also allows you to freely add and remove the look to your face at will. If you are having a MUA (makeup artist) you know or someone from an APP (glamsquad) coming over to do your makeup, Make sure you ask them to wash their brushes before your appointment. Request they use a NEW sponge for your application and ask to see the expiration date on their makeup/paint they bring over. If you’re worried they will have old products, purchase your own so you know what’s going on your skin and have the MUA apply it for you.

*Do not reuse old makeup

While it may be tempting to re-use makeup and paints left over from the year before, resist the temptation to double dip and THROW IT OUT IMMEDIATELY. For your skin’s protection, you will want to be sure that the products you are using are new, fresh, and uncontaminated. Used makeup that has been closed for a long period of time can serve as a breeding ground for all kinds of various germs and bacteria – which you definitely do not want to put on your face! These seasonal products usually come with an expiration date for this very reason, and disregarding these labels just to save a couple of dollars is not worth the risk.

Additionally, older products tend to work less efficiently than new ones. The ingredients may harden over time and become bulkier, while others can get separated and dry out.

*Do your product research before you purchase

It’s very important to research exactly what products you’re going to be applying to your skin. When selecting what products, you use, this is not the time to skimp out on the pricing. You will frequently see tons of low-priced paints and makeup by the registers at different stores, but these are often leftover products from years before that were stored and placed back on the shelves this year. Additionally, the ingredients in these products are often not FDA approved or contain harmful metal impurities.

You will want to check the ingredients of prospective items carefully to ensure you aren’t allergic to anything. If you sweat a lot, you may have heard that oil-based paint works better so that you don’t sweat off your makeup – which is fine, but some of these can contain waxes and oils that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Be sure that the products are noncomedogenic to prevent clogged pores. If possible, be sure to check reviews for the products you are considering to get a sense of what you can expect before purchasing them. Some items may have minor side effects that you will want to be prepared for, such as drying out skin or requiring an additional item for removal.

*Plan your Costume Makeup Removal ahead of time

If it took you 6-8 hours to create your Halloween look – obviously you’ll need to prepare the appropriate time for removal. It’s vital for your skin that you not rush through the removal process and not take the time to take address any skin concerns afterwards. Last year, I watched a good friend who spent hours doing paint, glitter, costume makeup, and gluing jewels to her face in tears at the end of the night because she needed help getting her makeup off and didn’t plan accordingly. Yes, imagine a drunk unicorn sobbing in her bathtub at 2 am trying to remove her makeup with nail polish remover... it was NOT OK! Some products may require additional items for removal in order to ensure that you aren’t abrasively rubbing away at your face in order to get all the paint and makeup off. While makeup remover can work for most products, it doesn’t work with everything. Oil-based products for instance will require other methods for removal. Certain products may dry out your face. I URGE YOU NOT TO SLEEP IN YOUR HALLOWEEN MAKEUP! Pack an emergency skincare kit in your purse just in case you end up going home with that hot guy dressed up like Batman from the party! You’ll need a great toner and cleanser included in your aftercare routine which should be followed up with a deep moisturizer. If you do end up at home. I would say to do a hydrating 20 min mask or even a clay mask after you cleanse and tone, then serums, moisturizer, and eye cream!

*Stay hydrated and go easy on the candy!

With over flowing bowls of Halloween candy everywhere you go in October, try to just have one- overindulging in these can mean bad news for your skin. Dehydrated skin appears dry, itchy, and can have an uneven skin tone/complexion that can last all day and leave you looking overly tired. Fine lines and wrinkles that you may have never noticed otherwise become exaggerated, and can become visible all of a sudden. Overconsumption of sugary snacks and beverages can also cause water retention, which results in swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes.

Set a limit on the amount of sugary candy and beverages you consume and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day and night. After every other alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water. Drinking adequate amounts of water consistently not only ensures that your body and skin are well hydrated, but the water can also help you feel fuller. I like to load up on carbonated mineral water in addition to my regular water consumption. I add a squeeze of lemon, chug a nice Perrier or Topo Chico and it tricks my mind and my stomach into thinking I just had a big meal. This can assist you with limiting your candy consumption, and controlling the dehydrating effects of alcoholic beverages.

**HAVE FUN! Halloween is all about getting to dress up and have a good time. I’m just here to help SAVE YOUR FACE from the aftermath…

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