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I got a BUTT FACIAL- and this is what happened.

Yesterday, I got a butt facial, which is a very real thing you can do at at a very nice and normal med spa, plastic surgeons office, or privately with a concierge Medical Aesthetician.  AKA. a “fanny facial” but that’s what it is - a spa experience specifically for your booty. Of all the skin on your body, your face, chest, back, and BUTT should all be treated the same! Yes, you can get breakouts on your posterior. 

My fanny-facial treatment began with an exfoliating scrub. Then, a nice steam and a series of massages, masks, extractions, and serums. My Aesthetician then proceeded to gently zap the area with microcurrents for a little less than an hour—the intention of which was to trick my butt into thinking I had done 45 minutes of squats at the gym. It felt sort of like a supercharged massage chair while it utilized both positive and negative compressions to get rid of bumps and create a more toned derrière.  Following my microcurrent treatment, I opted for the new Casmara Algae Peel-Off Mask.  This mask is intended for the face but (pun intended) it’s also a great option for your peach and you must actually be trained to legally apply it. (as I write this, I am running out of synonyms for 'ass').  The sensation when she peeled it off was quite satisfying, cooling, and enjoyable to be honest.  I even got to take home the mask mold of my booty and it looked like art, I think I’ll preserve and frame it. Since I decided to go for the full VIB treatment, we finished off with some LED light therapy.  It’s a LED light panel that goes over your butt like a rainbow but doesn’t touch (emitting blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths) that addresses acne, anti-aging and pain management.  This therapy is fabulous since I workout often & my glutes are sore, I tend to get occasional breakouts on my sweet-cheeks, and unfortunately our skin ages on every part of our body! 

I was blown away with this treatment and I myself, a Licensed Medical Aesthetician, have been trained and will be offering a unique #VIB (very important booty) “fanny-facial” as well.  Yes, be sure to trust and feel friendly with your LMA because you will, from the waist down, be naked and afraid at first... but just know it’s a judgement free zone and you’ll end up falling asleep or laughing a majority of the time.  I used to be a stand-up comedian so normally when I have services done my Aesthetician and I end up laughing until we cry.  I will be coming in two-to-three times per week for “maintenance.” If that seems a little much for you you can schedule monthly or bi-monthly treatments and I can recommend an easy at home regimen for you to follow as well.  I have fallen in love with the Bawdy Beauty Butt Maks— an at home sheet mask for each one of your butt-cheeks. I also recommend the entire Nécessaire body line especially The Body Exfoliator. It is a weekly multi-exfoliation treatment for skin health. Use 1-2 times a week or as desired. Apply all over body. Massage for foam. Rinse well. Treat your body and your booty to a little Saint Jane CBD Luxury Body Serum and call it a day! All items linked below...

The fad doesn't just stop at bikini season—it continues all year long.  It’s obvious the butt trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so why not do something to feel confident about yours?  Sure, you’re #belfie might not be Jen Selters, but it can GLOW like J-Lo’s Face!  Let me know any comments or questions you might have and I’m looking forward to getting to know you (E-40 voice) and that booty.

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Thanks to my Aesthetician for the fabulous BF! Follow: @beccybeauty2 on instagram

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